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AMA: Handshake Head of Product Marketing, Katie Levinson on Market Research
February 03 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 16d 22h 57m 54s

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Top Questions
What is your preferred framework for defining the persona, the buyer pain points and elaborating on use cases?
What information sources do you use to create buyer/user personas?
Do you have any tips for performing market research with limited resources—both manpower and financial?
We don't have enough people to conduct lots of interviews or the money to hire a research firm or pay for reports they've already created. How can a one-person PMM team best spend their time and efforts to do effective market research that informs product, marketing, and sales strategies?
What role do market trends play in your wider market research program/thought process?
Market trend research is an activity that crops up a lot in product marketing, but I've yet to truly understands its value and application, beyond being something that's quite interesting to include as part of a larger body of work. Thanks!