Molly Friederich

AMA: Snorkel AI Director Of Product Marketing, Molly Friederich on Sales Enablement

May 25 @ 9:00am PST
Starts in 8h 11m 50s

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Top Questions
Where does sales enablement end and sales strategy begin?
Which sales materials have been most helpful?
What is a scalable process to get ideas from your sales team on sales collateral?
How do you ensure your entire sales team gets the messaging?
What metrics determine whether or not sales enablement materials created by Product Marketing are both actually being used and are helping to win deals and shorten sales cycles?
What are your biggest frustrations with creating insightful sales playbooks that get used?
How do you assess which sales enablement materials are the most effective?
As B2B product marketers we want to be able to identify which sales enablement assets (i.e. one pagers, pitch decks, etc) are the most impactful to guide future resoure investment decisions but oftentimes tracking of these materials can be challenging since it frequently requires manual tracking on the part of the sales team.
How do you get insight into the current state of prospect/sales interactions?
What are good ways to learn about the field's approach, prospect priorities, etc.
How do you recommend setting up a process for marketing to support sales when that doesn't already exist? Think scrappy startup phase! :)
I'm a product marketer who has never had to work with sales before because I've always worked for low-cost B2C SaaS companies that have a short marketing funnel without handholding needed for sales. I'm currently working with an early-stage client that is just starting to put together marketing materials and email flows.
What's the best way to ensure that sales uses the sales enablement content that marketing creates...even if there WAS collaboration on the content?
I'm putting in my Product Marketing and Sales Enablement budget for next year. What line items should I consider / am I missing? I already have things like Customer Visits, a Sales Enablement / Content Management tool, SKO, pricing model consulting.
Sales Enablement is now seen as a new functional area in many organizations separate from Product Marketing. When should a company start thinking about creating a separate sales enablement function?
How do you measure sales enablement success?
What is your strategy for creating dynamic, interactive "canned demos" for the sales team given that the product frequently changes?
How do you track internal adoption of sales enablement?
I'm new to Sales Enablement and I'm curious how heavy-handed my approach should be. How much input does Sales expect from me, and what are some things that the sales team should be doing on their own?
(For instance: pitch decks, collateral, competitor research, FAQs, etc.)