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AMA: Truework VP of Product Marketing, Adam Kerin on Establishing Product Marketing
January 18 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 22h 10m 11s

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Top Questions
What is your advice for creating and/or improving the product marketing process when joining a small but growing team? Particularly for a small company with no or little structure and an inexperienced management team?
What are the best ways for establishing good communication, trust, and buy-in across departments?
Product Marketing is often a very flat team, with very little hierarchy (except at larger companies) how do you prepare yourself to become a Director and manage a team, without any experience managing anyone previously?
I'm on my 5th year of product marketing in my career, with another 5 years before that in general demand gen at very small companies. I've had management experience in the past, but not in a Product Marketing role. Often times in smaller companies, there will be 1 or 2 PMMs, usually in a very flat hierarchy, or a single boss, with no room to really move up a proverbial ladder and into management experience. So what are ways that I can prepare myself now, so that if the time comes to apply for a Director position (either internally or at another company) that I can be considered even without recent people management experience? Are there any courses for this that are highly regarded in the management arena?
Whenever you are new to a PMM role, what are the top 3 things you look for in the work that has been done before you arrived? (e.g. personas, messaging templates)
How does your team divide up the responsibility between the PMM team and the Campaign team? How has that worked for the new products/new markets for existing products that company has wanted to go into, where the campaign team cannot just package up existing asset but needs to create a PoV?
What skills of a Product Marketer are easier to improve or less of an importance? And what skills are harder to improve and have more significance?
What are the biggest surprises when going from a company where product marketing was established to one where you have to establish product marketing?
How does product marketing differ between a small and large company?
What's the earliest stage a startup should consider hiring a PMM?
I'm curious if you've observed the impact of adding a PMM to smaller organizations or if you think they're most impactful in larger organizations?
When thinking about adding new talent to your team - how do you structure focus areas? Customer lifecycle stage? Persona? Areas of the product? Functional expertise?
We only have one product at HoneyBook but PMM does a lot of different things, ie, lifecycle marketing, research, competitive, feature launches, etc.
How do you define product marketing differently in a product-led growth company vs. a traditional company with a normal sales and marketing funnel?
You're the new PMM for a B2B SaaS company that has 40 people and is starting to scale. What should you aim to do in your first month and your first quarter?
How do you measure the contribution of Product Marketing to the growth result?
Oftentimes, PMM does not directly execute the campaign but rather provides a foundation or collaterals for sales and marketing to use. How do we calculate our percentage of contribution to the final results?