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Jacky Ye

Jacky Ye

Adobe Sales Strategy & Operations Lead

AMA: Jacky Ye
on Establishing the Revenue Ops Function

December 13 @ 10:00AM PST
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Jacky Ye on Establishing the Revenue Ops Function
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Top Questions
How do you retain good talent, especially when revenue operations roles are in such high demand across the industry?
What's your framework to prioritizing needs/deliverables when you're the first revenue operations manager at a company establishing the function?
What does your revenue operations team org structure look like?
What are the biggest surprises when going from a company where revenue operations was established to one where you have to establish revenue operations?
How do you think about your first 30/60/90 day goals when coming in as the Head of revenue operations in a startup that didn't have revenue operations before?
How does revenue operations differ between a small and large company?
What's your best revenue operations 30-60-90 day plan to make a big impact at a new company?
What's the earliest stage a startup should consider hiring a revenue operations manager?
What is your advice for creating and/or improving the revenue operations process when joining a small but growing team?
Particularly for a small company with no or little structure.
How do you coordinate and work cross functionally with the demand generation team to create commonly shared KPIs?
What is your 30-60-90 day plan when you go into an org with the intention of setting up a revenue operations function for the first time?
When developing your org - how do you delineate between marketing ops talent and rev ops? Do they belong in one team or separately? If separate, how do they best work together?
Could you share the interview process of your role? What kind of candidate you are looking for?