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AMA: Samsara Head of Product Marketing, Suyog Deshpande
on Product Marketing KPIs
May 13 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Suyog Deshpande, Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
Top Questions
What's your best product marketing 30-60-90 day plan to make a big impact at a new company?
I'm starting a new job next week! Would love to hear your top tips in general as well as at the director level.
Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
First 100 days in a job quite important. The First 100 days are your opportunity to ask questions, make some bold moves, build trusted relationships, and set the tone. I would focus on the following things: Build a solid understanding of your industry and target market: As a PMM, you need to b...more
For sales cycles that are "long" 18 months+ what KPIs do you recommend product marketers use to determine ROI / impact / influence on the deal. Industry context: enterprise healthcare IT software
Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
That's would be a tough problem if you are trying to understand the impact on one deal over a period of 18 months. I would flip this on its head and instead try to focus on measuring pipeline progression and map it to product marketing work.  For example: Let's say your sales funnel is a 6 st...more
What are good OKRs for product marketing
I would like to know what metrics are used to measure PMM and what does good look like
Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
PMM is about product and sales success so your OKRs should align with company, CMO and product OKRs. However, I think these 3 serve as a good  "PMM OKR template" 1. Build a POV and become the hub of market intelligence: Think of this as all PMM programs: Competitive intel, Voice of Customer...more
How do you break down responsibilities and KPI's for product launches between demand gen and product marketing?
Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
A simple answer to this is that as a PMM, you are responsible for product launches and the GTM strategy around those launches. So, you will ultimately own all launch metrics. However, things like Pipegen, ACV/Revenue, Traffic, SOV etc are shared with your demand gen and content stakeholders.  ...more
What is an important KPI that you see product marketing teams completely missing?
Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
Adoption. Adoption. Adoption.  PMMs think of launches as the big day. In reality, it's just a milestone if your product's lifecycle. Don't settle on traffic/clicks etc as your launch metrics. Think about launch success 3-6 months from the launch date. This is where measuring product adoption h...more
Any strategies for developing gold-standard customer testimonials / value case studies?
Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
Learn from the best in the industry. I love the customer marketing from the following companies:  1. Salesforce - unbelievable focus on customers! Look at the trailhead, attend Dreamforce if you can 2. Gong - I like how they call out specific outcomes and challenges 3. Adobe Experience Maker A...more
What would you rec highlighting in prod mar portfolio? Writing samples? Case studies? What would make a candidate stand out to you? Thx!
Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
Please add the "why" behind why you chose to take on new initiatives. I often see marketer proposing solutions that are searching for a problem. So, always start with Why and how your work aligned with the company/marketing/PMM north start. Then mention the results.  Example: It's great that y...more
How should product marketing split feature adoption KPIs with the product team (for B2B self-serve SaaS)
Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
Why split? Make feature adoption a shared metric between PMM and PM teams. This is an important metric for both teams. I would use this metric pre-launch to really understand the target market segment, to set the baseline, and to define post-launch target. Post-launch, evaluate how the needle mov...more