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AMA: Hubspot Product Marketing Group Lead, Marcus Andrews
on Product Launches
June 25 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Launches With Marcus Andrews, Director of Product Marketing at
Top Questions
How do you and the PMM team communicate updates and progress on your product launch to the rest of the org? What is the format? What do you report back on? Etc.
Director of Product Marketing at
There are a number of ways we keep everyone up to date on the progress during a launch. Luckily at HubSpot we also have project managers to help us. I’ll say it, I’m not a good project manager. It’s another level of organization that I was just not born with. These people really help during this ...more
The product marketers job typically revolves around positioning a product. Sometimes, it can be difficult to align sales, marketing, and product teams around your positioning. What do you use or do to get people to buy into your positioning plans and consistently using them? Thanks!
Director of Product Marketing at
Product marketing is often defined as the people who position the products, but I think it's as equally important (especially as you grow bigger) that Product Marketing is also the most cross functional role in marketing. Creating alignment, securing buy-in, and building momentum around a launch ...more
How often is too often when it comes to launching a new product feature/enhancement publicly?
Our CMO wants us to do a major product announcement every quarter.
Director of Product Marketing at
Great question!  First and foremost your launches have to have substance and that should dictate the cadence more than marketing need. I've seen some companies try and do a launch every week and it starts off great but then loses momentum quickly because people stop caring. Thats a bad situtat...more
What are the most important parts of product positioning? How do you get the rest of the company aligned on positioning?
Director of Product Marketing at
Going to cop out on this one a little bit (all the parts are important!) and just tell you how we do it at HubSpot. There are many ways to slice it but our approach has worked really well for us. We always start with the change in the world. How people are different today, where they are headed ...more
What's the most effective way you've found to introduce/launch new features within the product UI?
Director of Product Marketing at
I think you’re asking if it’s behind a pay wall and not just a free product? If that’s the case, you need material (video!) that can act as a demo, people want to see product, not just read about it. Salespeople who can give great demos and free trials are often a really effective a launch tool. ...more
Can you please outline a "Launch Framework" and go through an example of implementing such a framework for one of the companies for which you have worked?
Director of Product Marketing at
This is a bit hard without writing a novel but luckily I wrote that novel not too long ago - check out this post. []  It's pretty easy to find a good ...more
How does product marketing integrate with the PM team? Who decides what features to focus on in each launch? What documentation is provided to PMMs to help in crafting messaging?
Director of Product Marketing at
At HubSpot our PMMs are aligned by product line and are aligned to a Product director and GM, although we still meet regularly with our individual PMs. I think in general we try and tell a higher level story that doesn't really focus too much on any one feature but often certain features are v...more
What stage in the product lifecycle is best for a product launch? What effort would you put into launching a product that is still very much an MVP?
Director of Product Marketing at
This is such a great question! At some point every PMM will find themselves in a situation when they are asked to launch a product that just isn’t ready. It’s always a mistake to go too early (launching too late isn’t good either but less dangerous). If it’s truly an MVP and you launch it w...more
How and when do you integrate qualitative research throughout your product development and launch cycle?
Director of Product Marketing at
Our product teams are great at this and we glean a lot from them during a launch but we’ll also do a lot of customer interviews on our own. I also always learn a lot from talking to our own Service team, but I specifically work on software for service teams. Often we also run a big survey to col...more
A product marketer jobs starts way before the product launch. However, it is difficult situation when the product launch is delayed from eng side. How do we approach the launch plan that was pre-decided? What changes in approaches would you recommend
Director of Product Marketing at
I know this pain!  Part of working at a product driven company is that this will happen and it's ok. The health of the product should come first and that will disrupt markeitng plans for time to time. Stick it out. Don't stop doing product launches just because the timelines didn't work out a ...more
What’s one piece of tactical advice and one piece of strategic advice for a small company (2 person marketing team) that’s doing a product launch and company rebrand at the same time?
Director of Product Marketing at
Strategic advice: Is it a good idea to do them at the same time? You could separate them and stretch out the pop you’d get from each. Also, can you tie them together? For many companies their brand story is tightly aligned to their product story, this is especially true for product driven compani...more
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