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AMA: SalesLoft VP Product Marketing, Chris Mills
on Pricing and Packaging
April 09 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Chris Mills, VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
Top Questions
Pricing is tough. My questions are 1. How do you know that you have the right price/package structure pre-launch. 2. And how do you know that the price/packaging is still the best post launch.
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
1). Pricing & packaging is a complex topic that typically involves coordination between many internal constiutents and teams including Sales, Customer Success, Product, Finance, Deal Desk, Marketing, etc. It's important to make sure that you have alignment between these teams as you embark on any...more
What is your take about PMM's role on Pricing Page strategies?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
In different organziations, Pricing is owned by different orgs. Sometimes Product owns it, sometimes Strategy or Finance, sometimes Marketing and specifically Product Marketing. No matter which team 'owns' Pricing it's almost always a collaborative process to determine Pricing and Pricing Strateg...more
What are the aspects of operationalizing a GTM plan that might prove to be most risky?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
I'll answer this from the aspect of a GTM plan for pricing and packaging changes. The top 3 areas to identify and mitigate risk around include: 1) RISK: Did you get the Price/Packaging right?   * Does the price and what's included in the packaging resonate with the buyer?  * Is the price po...more
How do you think about pricing and packaging as it relates to competitive positioning?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
It depends on the competitive dynamics in your market. Are you the market leader or a new emerging alternative? What are the important buying factors in your market and with your buyers? Is price a primary buying consideration (hint: it often is not unless you make it that way)? It's always impor...more
What are some strategies that you've used to share messaging guides internally and ensure commercial team alignment?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
Generally, product marketing creates messaging guides for new products, features, pricing, campaigns, company positioning, etc. While develop the messaging guide, we typically solicity input from other teams and individuals including product management and other marketers like communications/bran...more
What do the day-to-day responsibilities of the role look like for product marketers on your team?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
Each of the product marketers on my team has a product or set of products in our portfolio that they are responsible for. Each of them also owns other non-product related PMM responsiblities like launch process, Persona and Use Case playbooks, competitive intelligence, analyst relations, portfoli...more
Which other teams do product marketers work closest with at your company?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
Product Marketing works closely with the following teams most closely: Product Management - to partner on new product/feature launches, messaging/positioning, analyzing customer usage adoption, collaborating to drive usage, discuss customer needs and roadmap prioritization, etc Sales Enableme...more
What makes a good product marketer on your team?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
Some key qualities that I look for in a great product marketer include: Smart - product marketing is a job that requires someone who can operate at a high level across a bunch of different domains including deeply understanding the product, market, buyers and competitive landscape.  Empatheti...more
We're rolling out a new pricing model. How do you drive adoption from your existing customers when pricing variables change?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
This is one of the more complex areas of rolling out a new pricing model. It's important to make sure that you understand the impact of any of the pricing changes to existing customers. Are you changing any capabilities that are available to them? Are you giving them more? Generally, you shouldn'...more
What have been your key learnings from any "Pricing/Re-pricing launch" that you have led/seen within your company?
Please share your experiences from successful efforts and also the launches that didn't go well. Any tools/templates that worked for your teams?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
Pricing & packaging changes have big impacts across the organization - sales, marketing, product, customer success, renewal, sales/revenue ops, systems, etc. You need to make sure you have strong executive alignment from the C-suite on problems that you are solving for and process to research and...more
I'm looking at a potential pricing + packaging re-vamp. I've identified the problems + opportunities and would love insight in thinking about whether to run in-house or hire a consultant. If a consultant, whom else have people worked with aside from ProfitWell and Simon Kucher? Ideally want to learn along with the project
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
I've done pricing & packaging projects both in-house with the support of external consulting help. If you or others in your org have never done a big pricing & packaging project before it might be worthwhile to bring in external help. I've worked with Simon Kucher in the past and they have a ton ...more
I would love to take classes on pricing and strategy. Any recommendations? These can be multi-week long classes as well as day long seminars. I am senior product marketing professional looking to strengthen my skill set.
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
The Professional Pricing Society (PPS) offers courses and a formal certifcation program - Certified Pricing Professional (CPP). Their course offerings include topics like:   * Core Pricing Skills  * Best Practices in Pricing Analytics  * Value Based ...more
How do you roll out pricing and packaging for a new product launch?
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
I've answered some of this in previous questions, but here are some thoughts... 1) Understand your buyers needs, budgeting/buying process, problem you are solving for them (and/or their users) and the relative value of solving that problem 2) Look at competitive solutions or alternatives to s...more