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Paresh Vakhariya

Paresh Vakhariya

Atlassian Director of Product Management (Confluence)

AMA: Atlassian Director of Product Management (Confluence), Paresh Vakhariya
on Building a Product Management Team

September 28 @ 10:00AM PST
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Atlassian Director of Product Management (Confluence), Paresh Vakhariya on Building a Product Management Team
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Top Questions
Possible overlaps btw Product Managers, Business Owners and Marketing
Hi all, I was just reading an article by Marty Cagan about the scenario of Business Owners "versus" Product Managers, especially for companies using a matrix organization. Now, I'm living in a similar situation, and not only in the case of Business Owners, but it seems that depending on the side of the organization, the scope of Product Managers is divided more than expected, causing various types of issues. So, I'm curious if other companies, big or small, have also had to deal with this. Here's the link to the article:
How do you effectively split your attention between contributing individually and coaching your PM's? Do these two priorities ever conflict with each other?
How do you coordinate and work cross functionally with the product marketing team to create commonly shared KPIs?
What is a good product manager to engineer ratio to maintain as you scale?
How do you communicate product management updates and activities to the rest of the company?
If you were starting out in a rapidly growing company would you start by embedding some best practice and then start to build out a team or start by building a small but mighty team and tackle it as a group?
Question about org structures - what does your PM team org structure look like?
What is the most effective way to scale a Product Management team beyond the first Product Manager?
What's your framework to prioritizing needs/deliverables when you're the first Product Manager at a company establishing the function?
If your PM team has only one or two people responsible for covering multiple products with complex features, how would you recommend dividing the workload in the short-term so as best to support long-term growth and expansion of the team?
I’m the first PM hire in my company. What advice would you give to someone tasked with establishing this function in an existing business structure?
What are the key processes you'd set up when expanding the PM team from 1 to multiple people?
Do you have any advice for a junior PM who is a first product management hire?
As a product manager, what are the make-or-break things for you when interviewing a potential next product manager for your team?
How do you approach building a well rounded product team?
What is your advice for creating and/or improving the product management process when joining a small but growing team? Particularly for a small company with no or little structure?
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