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Indy Sen

Indy Sen

Canva Ecosystem Marketing Leader

AMA: Canva Ecosystem Marketing Leader, Indy Sen
on Platform Product Marketing

December 21 @ 10:00AM PST
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Canva Ecosystem Marketing Leader, Indy Sen on Platform Product Marketing
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Top Questions
If you're a B2B company with a horizontal platform considering vertical expansion, how would you structure your approach for deciding what new vertical(s) to enter into? More specifically, how do you handle the tradeoff of addressing many/most of the needs for a specific vertical vs. only addressing 1-2 needs for multiple verticals?
When your platform does many things, how do you prioritize your messaging hierarchy?
What is the difference between portfolio vs platform vs ecosystem vs suite?
How do you use market research to inform priority verticals to go after in your go to market efforts?
What is your advice for startup platform category creation? Where have you seen the most success in terms of channels for this type of creation?
How does Sales Enablement change when you go from selling a product to selling a platform?
What internal messaging efforts have helped you shift your company's mindset from a product company to a solutions or platform company? What worked the best? What mistakes did you make?
How important is platform positioning and messaging early when you have basic product capabilities?
How does your platform and solutions PMMs collaborate with product-focused PMMs?
I'm the first product marketer focused on a specific industry across our entire platform while the majority of the team is focused on specific product(s) and/or sales segment.
How do you make the transition from disparate products to a platform?