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Lauren Craigie

Lauren Craigie

Cortex Head of Product Marketing

AMA: Cortex Head of Product Marketing, Lauren Craigie
on Go-To-Market Strategy

December 13 @ 10:00AM PST
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Cortex Head of Product Marketing, Lauren Craigie on Go-To-Market Strategy
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Top Questions
As a product marketer, how have you been able to advocate for a product feature related to your GTM strategy?
What are the aspects of operationalizing a Go-To-Market plan that might prove to be most risky?
What does the Go-to-Market process look like for a global product?
Does it differ vs. more regional launches?
What is the best way to prepare a mock Go-To-Market plan for a product in a very precise and concise way, when asked in an interview?
I usually come across an interview round wherein I am handed the task of preparing a mock GTM plan for a product. I find it pretty vague as expectations vary widely and I am usually confused about what all to include and how to represent. Is there any example?
What are the main components of your GTM strategy? How do those vary by product type?
How do you think of GTM? What does it include, and what does it not include?
As someone who is looking to specialize myself, hoping to align on what GTM means and your responsibilities in a larger org.
How might GTM vary for the first product i.e. at a tech startup?
In case the existing GTM strategy is not working for the product, how can you go about redesigning the new GTM strategy? What should be the approach?
What are the core documents you create for every GTM?
How does your GTM strategy for a new feature/upgrade differ from a product-level GTM strategy?
Once you have a go to market strategy in place, how do you "convince" everyone on the marketing team, and get the ball rolling around the strategy you've built?
I'm looking for functional/tactical tips please.
How do you treat minor releases and enhancements in your GTM process?
What are the best approaches to crafting a Go-to-market strategy when you are trying to unbundle a product feature and position individually?
The product is planning to switch from sales-led to product-led growth and self-serve.
Go-to-market strategy can be so broad and different by company/market. How do you define it and get alignment across the team?