Jason Lyman

AMA: Customer.io Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Lyman on Developing Your Product Marketing Career

May 29 @ 9:00AM PST
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Customer.io Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Lyman on Developing Your Product Marketing Career
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Top Questions
In a large company, how can you ensure you are making an impact in your role as a product marketer?
What are common struggles of product marketing managers?
How do you typically go about finding new PMMs for your team? Is it mostly recruitment based or do you search within your network?
I'm trying to break into a PMM role after 5 years of performance marketing and branding (1 of which was in a MM role with a heavy product focus). I'm unsure if I should spend more time networking or cold applying here in the Bay Area.
I am an MBA student and interested in product marketing. I am currently helping an early stage startup, However, I am the only product marketer. What are the things I must make sure I do so that it helps me get the next job ?
When applying to pmm jobs, how important is it to align your past experiences with the new role? (For instance, if you worked in ecommerce, only apply to ecommerce roles.)
I've noticed that when my experience doesn't align exactly, I don't make it past round 2 or round 3 of the interview.
What’s the best way to grow from a PMM to senior PMM at a startup that is in hypergrowth mode where you may not get the time to “ramp up” your skills?
What tools are invaluable for those new to product marketing to have familiarity/experience with?
I am actively interviewing for PMM opportunities and in at least 4 out of 5 scenarios hiring managers went ahead with internal candidates. What can I do to improve my interview performance?
An additional complexity in my case is that I need visa sponsorship from the company to take up any role.
When do you know it's time to move on versus digging in and trying to shape an org or a role the way you want it?
What are some of examples of ways you have been able to get promoted or support your colleagues to get promoted at the same company?
What are some critical skillsets that are important to building your career in Product Marketing?
What Product Marketing (pragmatic diagram) courses/certifications would you recommend for someone new to Product Marketing?
What pragmatic marketing courses would you recommend for a 15-year veteran marketer who is new to Product Marketing? My boss is recommending Pragmatic Institute, but I'm curious what is the most-effective course/certification. I want to be sure that I can actually apply the concepts I learn versus signing up for a course that is entry level and not worth it. It would be great if I could converse with the instructor about my particular work situation so that I can better understand how to apply the concepts.