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AMA: Uber Former Global Head of Marketing - Rides & Masterbrand, Laura Jones on Influencing the Product Roadmap
December 08 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Laura Jones, Head of Marketing at Instacart
Top Questions
For a new product launch that is under development, when is the right time to start planning and meeting with the different channels?
Head of Marketing at Instacart
This will depend on the Go-To-Market strategy and which channels you plan to leverage. In my experience, once the roadmap is defined and you have developed your v0 GTM, that is a good time to start meeting with channel owners to seek feedback on the proposed plan and align around the channel stra...more
How do you identify and prioritize the channels for a launch campaign?
Head of Marketing at Instacart
  I start by developing a Go-To-Market strategy that identifies the business objective of the launch campaign and articulates the in-focus audience. Once I know what I need to accomplish and who I'm talking to, then I can think about the best channels to land that message. The channels should be...more
Could you share are bit about you manage your PMM team? What are check-ins like, how do you organize individual teams roles and responsibilities? How do you empower your PMMs to own goals/results?
Head of Marketing at Instacart
I map our PMM team to the PM team so that one PMM is embedded in each program team and can serve as the cross-functional lead for that area. Each PMM works with their PM and XFN team to establish team OKRs at the start of the quarter, and the PMM takes on full or shared ownership over a subset of...more
How does your team establish and standardize researching audience/segment needs? How do you then leverage your findings systematically to influence the product roadmap?
Head of Marketing at Instacart
In establishing segments, it is critical to get cross-org alignment so that all functions are working off of the same definitions. Methodologies for defining segments can vary depending on how you plan to use them, so I would recommend investing heavily in the upfront phase of gathering requireme...more
What are some ways product marketing can prove their value to product management?
Head of Marketing at Instacart
As you establish a relationship with your Product Manager, it is important to align on expectations. You should understand their needs and pain points and share with them your vision for how PMM can add value to the team. From there, it is often helpful to draft a set of goals that reflect the ou...more
How do you more effectively influence product roadmap priorities and timeline?
Head of Marketing at Instacart
In my experience, the most powerful tool for influencing the Product Roadmap as a PMM is customer insights. If you can clearly demonstrate customer pain points and inspire empathy, that tees up the opportunity to be part of the discussion around how you might meet those needs through product solu...more
How do you get product management to bring you into initial design process?
Head of Marketing at Instacart
One way I have approached this is to bring the cross-functional team together for a Design Sprint. Sprints are one of the most effective ways to quickly align a team around key insights and develop a customer-centric product solution. Having PMMs participate in or even lead these sprints is a gre...more
What advice do you have for a current product marketing manager who's looking to grow his/her career in product marketing?
What type of opportunities should current product marketers seek out in order to best position themselves to lead the product marketing function at a company?
Head of Marketing at Instacart
Once you've established deep expertise and credibility in the field, the transition to leading a Product Marketing team will depend largely on finding the right opportunity. This can happen with your current org if there are internal transitions or scope expansions that open up leadership roles, ...more
How do you establish credibility with product management when you are new to the product marketing team?
Head of Marketing at Instacart
  To establish credibility with a new team, the first step is understanding the team's need, laying out a vision for how you can best add value, and aligning around expectations. It is important to know the user, the market, and the product so that you can engage with the cross-functional team i...more