Jenna Crane

AMA: Klaviyo Senior Director of Product Marketing, Jenna Crane on B2B Product Marketing KPI’s

June 07 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 13d 10h 9m 5s

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Due to the collaborative nature of the Product Marketing role, KPIs can sometimes be hard to attribute directly to Product Marketing success. Do you have recommendations for alternative ways to measure the true impact of Product Marketing?
What are the key processes you'd set up when expanding the PMM team from 1 to multiple people?
I’m the first PMM hire in my company. What advice would you give to someone tasked with establishing this function in an existing business structure?
Are there any broad metrics you guys track as PMMs?
Other marketing roles have clear KPIs; PMM is the only role where we have multiple KPIs. Is there one or two that is critical for PMMs?
I'm sure there will be questions about the best KPIs to track, what are some of the *worst* KPIs for PMMs to commit to achieving?
How do you think about KPI's for product launches, balancing awareness, demand gen and pipeline?
What's your process for figuring out what metrics to hold PMM accountable for?
For sales cycles that are "long" 18 months+ what KPIs do you recommend product marketers use to determine ROI / impact / influence on the deal. Industry context: enterprise healthcare IT software
Do you find that KPIs are more valuable for external reporting (looking good to other teams/management) and less valuable for your job as a PMM?
In your experience, what KPIs "must haves" for any product marketing role or team?
How do you organize your team and how does that change based on the organization?
How do you measure your own success in your role? How much have those performance indicators evolved as you grew within your role?
What is an important KPI that you see product marketing teams completely missing?
What are some KPIs that you find over-hyped and/or unimportant?
How do you recommend socializing KPIs (before the work starts and when it's done)?
How do you develop quarterly/annual PMM OKRs and tie those to individual projects?
My team used to do a lot of large campaigns so revenue was a really easy target to forecast over a specific time frame and establish as a key result target. However, for a bunch of smaller feature launches that are supposed to drive product adoption/engagement, it is a little trickier to parse out the impact PMM should drive and tie that back to team objectives. One approach I've thought about is setting high-level quarterly objectives for PMM (e.g. drive X monthly active users) and then evaluate feature launches/projects as levers to achieve that overall OKR (so the smaller launches aren't objectives in themselves, but bundled together they help achieve a larger OKR). The feature launches may also have more specific KPIs to measure success (eg X% of users adopt), but they should still ladder up to the north start quarterly metric.