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AMA: Meta Head of Product Marketing, VR Fitness, Media and Work, Susan Park on Clear GTM Frameworks and Strategy
February 03 @ 9:00am PST
Starts in 16d 21h 13m 51s

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Top Questions
What criteria do you use to prioritize releases?
What's your favorite launch to date and why?
As PMM, how do you get buy-in with senior stakeholder in a big SaaS tech organisation to execute your GTM strategy in the region?
How do you determine what tactics to use as part of your launch? Do you have a framework or process for this?
How do you identify and prioritize the channels for a launch campaign?
What does the Go-to-Market process look like for a global product? Does it differ vs. more regional launches?
What is your blueprint for developing a ‘go to market plan’? What core elements must it encompass?
Can you share some good examples of end-to-end execution for a product launch?
What are the KPIs that product marketers should be tracking for successful product launches and also growth/maintenance of product launch? What’s the best way to track and measure these KPIs, and on what cadence?
What are some cornerstone KPIs that product marketers should use for every GTM strategy?
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New York City, NY