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AMA: Nextdoor Head of Product Marketing, Brianne Shally on Influencing the Product Roadmap
January 12 @ 9:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Brianne Shally, Head of Product Marketing at Nextdoor
Top Questions
What, ideally, should product marketing's role be in developing the roadmap for a SaaS company?
Head of Product Marketing at Nextdoor
Product Marketing should closely partner with product and other cross functional teams (Eng, Finance, etc.) to inform and develop the product roadmap, including:  * Insights: Provide key insights and synthesis from competitive intelligence, market trends, analyst insights, customer and Sales...more
In what ways can product marketing share the roadmap externally?
Head of Product Marketing at Nextdoor
Sharing the product roadmap externally is a great way to share the company's vision, investment in innovation, and upcoming features to get prospects and customers excited about the potential. It can be a strong selling tool to get prospects on board and a resource to get current customers to inv...more
What recommendations do you have for influencing the roadmap early?
Head of Product Marketing at Nextdoor
Here are a few of my approaches to influence product leadership on the product priorities: * Work cross-functionally across UX, research, Data Science, Product Operations, Sales, etc. to incorporate everyone's input so Product Marketing's list represents all input and is the source of tru...more
What are some tips for helping drive product roadmap as a product marketer if you don't have data or customer anecdotes at your disposal?
Head of Product Marketing at Nextdoor
There are various inputs into the product roadmap that Product Marketing can provide, beyond data and customer anecdotes. Where Product Marketing can be most valuable is in connecting the dots across the various insights to share a point of view and answer the question 'why this matters'. For ins...more
What's a good strategy to always be talking to customers? It seems so hard to get account teams attention, then get a customers interest, then actually get a call scheduled to for persona, messaging, content, or user research.
Head of Product Marketing at Nextdoor
Since PMM is the voice of the customer, it is vital to always be talking to customers. Here's a couple of approaches:  - Schedule "Voice of Customer Day": Have day full of customer calls with a specific theme. Bring in cross funcational stakeholders (e.g. Product, Eng, Design, Product Ops, Brand...more