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AMA: Persona Head of Product Marketing, Evelyn Ju on Stakeholder Management
November 16 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Evelyn Ju, Head of Marketing at Persona
Top Questions
How do you approach getting approval for messaging from internal stakeholders like Product, Sales, and Customer Success?
What format do you present the messaging for review by internal stakeholders?
Head of Marketing at Persona
It’s important to set expectations up front in terms of what you are trying to accomplish, why it’s important and how it will be used. It’s easy for messaging related discussions to take a life of its own so aligning your stakeholders to the same goals will help focus the feedback you will receiv...more
What is product marketing's role in a product-led growth company?
Head of Marketing at Persona
The focus is on product education and differentiation, essentially helping your customers understand why they should continuously choose your product over others throughout the customer lifecycle — from acquisition through retention. Without Sales as a touch point, PMMs need to figure out how to ...more
What are some examples of the types of insights you used to gain insight from internal stakeholders?
Specifically types of questions that work best to draw out the information you need.
Head of Marketing at Persona
In general, I would bucket the insights we need into a few different categories: for team planning and priorities, customer insights, and feedback on specific messaging or product features. Planning and priorities: I find it helpful to check in regularly on internal stakeholders’ priorities and...more
What kinds of ongoing, cross-functional meetings do you think are important to have? Which teams are involved, and what agenda items do you recommend?
Head of Marketing at Persona
PMMs here in general have regular meetings with Product, CS, and Sales to support ongoing product launches, facilitate internal training, and gather customer feedback. However, it’s important to shift what meetings you attend, which teams/individuals you meet with, and the frequency of your meeti...more
How do you see the Product Marketing <> Sales Enablement partnership? What strategic value can this drive?
Head of Marketing at Persona
It is one of the most important partnerships. There is a shared goal around enabling sales to sell by telling a consistent narrative and connecting with ideal customers through messaging and assets that will resonate. PMM and Sales Enablement should work together to identify and fill knowledge g...more
What's your advice on improving a historically tense relationship between functions?
Head of Marketing at Persona
It’s always difficult to navigate tense relationships. It’s important not to take this all upon yourself. If you are looking to help, I think the first step is to assess the situation and try to understand the underlying cause that’s driving the tension. Is it due to misalignment of expectations ...more
What strategies are you using to align stakeholders around customer priorities?
Since Product Marketing touches so many areas of the business, this role is oftentimes in the best position to lead a VOC process.
Head of Marketing at Persona
The key is to first align on the framework for making decisions (e.g. market opportunity, customer retention/expansion goals, revenue impact, etc. and how you prioritize each) and then ensure the teams have the relevant information (e.g. customer research, feedback, metrics, or analysis) to make ...more
Responsibility without the authority - that seems to be the position of quite a few Product marketers. How do you manage people who don't necessarily report into you? This could be while giving feedback on a piece of work? Or getting them to prioritise the project you're running.
Head of Marketing at Persona
Like most cross-functional work, the most important thing is to build trust and establish shared goals early on. Instead of delegating work, involve them in your process, provide them with proper context, and agree on timelines where applicable. They will be much more motivated to help if they ha...more
What is your advice for creating and/or improving the product marketing process when joining a small but growing team? Particularly for a small company with no or little structure and an inexperienced management team?
What are the best ways for establishing good communication, trust, and buy-in across departments?
Head of Marketing at Persona
If you are at a smaller company with little or no structure, it’s a great opportunity for you to build the foundation from scratch. It can be a daunting task, but inaction will likely create more headaches for you down the line. Here are few things I would consider: 1. Education: Help the teams...more
What is your advice for recent college grads new to b2b product marketing?
Head of Marketing at Persona
Invest and focus on learning new things — specifically anything that can help you better understand the business/product/customer or pick up new skills, whether it’s related to your specific role or not. Volunteer to work on projects that will expand your knowledge. Ask your Product, CS, and Sale...more