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Aliza Edelstein

Aliza Edelstein

Route VP of Product Marketing

AMA: Route VP of Product Marketing, Aliza Edelstein
on Market Research

March 12 @ 10:00AM PST
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Route VP of Product Marketing, Aliza Edelstein on Market Research
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Top Questions
Can you share best practices to do impactful market research on a tight budget?
What's the best outcome you've gotten through buyer or customer research? Was it really worth all the effort / money?
Any tips for recruiting good enterprise decision maker interviewees for persona interviews? Where do you hunt? Do you compensate them?
What is your preferred framework for defining the persona, the buyer pain points and elaborating on use cases?
How do you collect, analyze and share your customer feedback?
I feel like my customer feedback is scattered throughout surveys, Google docs, Google sheets, Salesforce, and Slack... It's pretty tough to get an over-arching view of my customer feedback on an on-going basis. Do you use any tools or have advice on how to collect, analyze and share your customer feedback?
What role does User Experience research play as the key driver for both product marketing and design teams to align behind the same end user needs?
How do you decide which market research questions will move the needle most for your company?
How would you go about conducting market research for potential clients of a new feature? You've already got your core clients, but are launching a new feature and are looking for unbiased feedback from people net new to your platform/service/offering.
What is the most effective way to drive participation in market research studies?
What are techniques and best practices to reduce question / interviewer bias when gathering qualitative insights (surveys / interviews) from your market?
How do you develop a voice of customer (VOC) program when there is only an ad-hoc feedback process in place?
What tools do you use to drive market research and competition research ?
Where should you start, especially if you have little to no budget for research. Are there any free/low-cost existing resources? Or standard strategies/plans of attack?
What market research activities do you require product marketers who work for you to do? And why?
Which research activities does your product marketing team do internally, and which research activities do you outsource?
I'm trying to figure out how to structure my team, and what to use external resources for.
How do you prioritize your research - Buyer vs User?
What are some helpful advice, insights, and tips you can share for effective communication to multiple stakeholders (in different departments) on findings after market research is done?
When considering a new initiative, how do you determine what questions to ask your MR team to ensure you are getting the right data to inform your decision?
What the most common mistake you see orgs make when navigating market research? How can this be avoided?
What's your experience with getting participants to speak to you for win/loss interviews?
How do you decide whether to engage an outside research vendor vs. doing scrappy research yourself?
How do you manage limited / time attention from customers with teams wanting to ask 25 minutes surveys?
Just wondering how to get started doing market research--good sources, good tech, good panels, etc and what kind of budget does it take?