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AMA: Salesforce Director, Product Marketing, Jodi Innerfield on Product Launches
January 12 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Launches With Jodi Innerfield, Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
Top Questions
What are some cornerstone KPIs that product marketers should use for every GTM strategy?
Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
The goal of most B2B launches is revenue--but there are many other KPIs you can track besides how much revenue you've generated!  Customer KPIs: These KPIs all tell me how much my launch resonates with my target customer. Pipe generation; lead generation/form fills on any key launch assets like ...more
How do you distinguish your different launch tiers (provided that you do)? If you have been part of the process to define the tiers, what did that process look like?
Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
Tiering and t-shirt sizing a launch should be based on "how impactful is this to my customer and the company?" If it's a brand new product suite, a new offering in the market either for the company or the space, or a material investment/improvement from what exists today--that's a Tier 1, full-co...more
How do you choose the right channels to activate the audience when you're launching a brand new product?
Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
The channels you use depend upon the audience you're reaching. Where does your audience spend time? What channels have historically worked best for your organization or similar products?  You can usually get a good sense of channels to activate based on persona research. Even if you're launching...more
How do you refine your messaging and get the latest one adopted even after launch?
Often time when the launch goes general announcement (GA), everything seems finish. But obviously, launch is a series of events around a theme and it can last long after GA, especially in terms of messaging refining. But how do we keep the go-to-market team engaged to adopt it after launch?
Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
Honestly, the sales team is going to do/say whatever they want. It's nearly impossible to enforce that a sales team says the exact messaging you want them to, or that they use the exact slides and resources you want them to.  When we do further message testing and make refinements, I try and mak...more
What are some of the learnings PMMs should bring in when re-launching an updated product/feature in a new geography?
Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
Each geography is different, so don't treat geos as "one size fits all." Make sure you understand the nuances of the region you're launching in--what language resonates best in messaging? What channels might be different? How does the perception of your organization or product change based on geo...more
Product of course wants a new product out in market ASAP. Do you have any tips on how you can negotiate with them to prioritize a solid launch which may mean a couple extra weeks of planning? What's a solid timeline in your opinion?
Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
Launching too soon is a major red flag--I wrote all about it in a recent post [] ! What distinguishes a "meh" product launch from a great product launch?  1 - Showing the product in your assets and laun...more
What should we focus on in a launch post-mortem?
Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
First--well done for having a post-mortem! It's really easy to just get caught up in the next thing that comes along, but post-mortems are super important! This is your time to reflect on the launch planning, the launch itself, and whatever happens next.  Launch Planning Reflection - Get feedba...more
How do you time a launch for the greatest impact?
Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
For your launch to be a success, ideally you have completed a customer pilot so you have success stories for press; you've built a robust demo org for your sales teams so they can show customers the product; and you've spent time conducting internal and external research to make sure your message...more
What process have you taken to enable your sales team to demo a new version of a feature while it's in Beta?
- At what point did you allow them to start demoing? X weeks prior to GA? - What training was necessary prior to making the change? Workramp, etc. - When did you make it mandatory for Sales to only demo the new version? - Were there any concerns that the feature might be sold as one thing, then the final product might look slightly different?
Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce
Demoing is SO important, yet unfortunately, we don't often have the product ready for sales teams to demo too far ahead of a launch.  What we do in this situation is have PMs do enablement where they walk through the new features and functionality and answer questions. That way the field can see...more
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