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AMA: Snowflake Director, Product Marketing, Alexandra Gutow on Messaging
November 04 @ 10:00am PST

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Messaging With Alexandra Gutow, Director, Product Marketing at Snowflake
Top Questions
Can you share examples of Messaging frameworks that you think are best-in-class?
Director, Product Marketing at Snowflake
I actually tend to take bits and pieces from different ones that I've used in the past to create my go-to. Whatever framework you use should help you get to a focused opinion on the tagline, elevator pitch, and 3 benefit pillars. This means it should capture who is this for (primary personas) and...more
What testing frameworks do you use to evaluate the effectiveness of messaging for a launch?
Director, Product Marketing at Snowflake
One of my biggest criteria for success is how much messaging is repeated. Whether that's by your sales team, customers, media/articles, etc. So I tend to bring testing and validation into the messaging process pretty early and collect that qualitative data. I'm a big fan of going directly to acco...more
How do you like to go about incorporating voice of the customer into positioning and messaging?
Curious to know how customer research works best in your experience and how to drive to actionable outputs like positioning and messaging.
Director, Product Marketing at Snowflake
I love bringing the voice of the customer into messaging! It's one of the most powerful inputs you have. Nothing beats actually talking to or hearing from customers. Shadow some sales calls. Listen to customer presentations at meetups/conferences. Schedule interviews with your "friendlies". This ...more
How would you recommend PMMs improve their messaging skills?
Director, Product Marketing at Snowflake
2 pieces of advice here: 1) Take a look at the messaging from other companies (even outside of your market or industry). Who is really nailing it and what do you like about it? And who are the players that you still can't figure out what they do? See if you can start to incorporate some of the a...more
How do you balance succinct simple messaging with a complex technology product and or set of products.
Director, Product Marketing at Snowflake
I love this question! This is one of my favorite parts of product marketing - getting to translate deeply technical concepts into what actually matters. As much as possible, I encourage you to dig into the technology. Spend time with your product and engineering teams to really understand what is...more
How do you get Brand and/or PR teams onboard with new messaging?
Director, Product Marketing at Snowflake
Similar to how you need to enable sales when you roll out new messaging, you need to enable your marketing partners as well, especially if they're part of a cross-functional launch. I encourage marketing to attend the sales trainings, but it's usually also worth doing a dedicate session with folk...more
Do you create persona based messaging and or vertical based messaging for your product? What is the best format for your messaging document? And how do you get buy in and then distribute your messaging document across the organization?
Director, Product Marketing at Snowflake
I believe 2 parts of this have already been answered, but for the persona-/vertical-based question, yes! If you're taking to a user vs an executive, those messages likely will be very different. And likely same if you're talking to a bank vs a retailer. However, the challenge for product marketin...more