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Jon Rooney

Jon Rooney

Unity Vice President Product Marketing

AMA: Unity Vice President Product Marketing, Jon Rooney
on Product Launches

September 26 @ 10:00AM PST
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Unity Vice President Product Marketing, Jon Rooney on Product Launches
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Top Questions
What are your best tools to leverage product launches? Where do you find the most challenging? When is Product Marketing involved in the launch?
How different is a product launch for an acquired product vs built in-house?
How do you create your product launch strategy?
How does product readiness affect launch success?
If your product team works in two-week sprints, how do you balance and prioritize each launch? In other words is a "release" always a "launch" and how do you differentiate and treat each?
Product team releases something worthwhile (to a degree) every two weeks. A new feature is released in an MVP stage (not always in beta) and frequently iterated on. How does a small team manage the constant updates to existing products to ensure clients are informed (so the updates get used/don't take anyone by surprise) but aren't constantly being bombarded by marketing messages.
What are action items that you always include on your product launch checklist?
How should the approach differ for product launches targeted towards large enterprises vs. ones for smaller startups in terms of timeline, activities, metrics?
How do you make decisions around channels to use for new product launches?
What are some of the key questions you want to answer when evaluating channels for a product launch and how do you go about finding these answers?
How does Product Marketing measure the success of a launch?
What are some unique external (customer facing) activities you include for promoting a new product?
What are the foundational steps to develop a repeatable and scalable launch discipline?
How do you measure success when launching a second product? Are you focused on current customer adoption or new customer adoption?
After an initial product launch, how do you think about the subsequent, smaller launches/updates? How does the strategy/channels/process change? How do you identify where smaller launches can be bundled into a bigger story?
What are some best practices for a successful product launch targeting a B2B audience? What about B2C?
In our company, product marketing owns sales and company enablement. What can enablement do to ensure a successful product launch?
What are the key things to consider post-launch? What standard metrics are important to track to measure success and what teams (and at what cadence) are important to connect with post-launch?
How do you think about product launches for big strategic bets, when the product isn't "there" yet?
What are different ways to set benchmark goals for launch, maximize demand generated, and continue optimizing post-launch?
How do you time a launch for the greatest impact?