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AMA: Vimeo Senior Director of Product Marketing, Monty Wolper on Influencing the Product Roadmap
February 15 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 28d 22h 11m 48s

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Top Questions
What criteria is evaluated before determining if a request or idea is submitted to product? When it is submitted, what is the prioritization process?
How can you prove to hiring managers in the interview process that you can hit the ground running as someone transitioning to product marketing?
My background is in account management and client services. I'm nervous that I'll be asked questions that I don't have direct experience to answer. Anyway to answer questions based on my transferable skills to prove that I'm not a hiring risk?
Have you thrown a revenue kickoff, where marketing, sales, and customer success are all together. It would be where there are joint-sessions and then separate sessions for each group. I would love to see a sample schedule. I have done FKOs, but not RKOs.
In terms of empowering your sales and success teams to get customers and prospects excited about upcoming features, how do you help them present the roadmap? Does product marketing create a roadmap deck that then gets shared out to the team?
How do you influence product roadmap as a product marketer.
This is an interview question we get all the time
How do you develop a voice of customer (VOC) program when there is only an ad-hoc feedback process in place?
Do you do a product launch pre-mortem with your internal stakeholders before a product launch? If so, who do you include and what is your process for running it?
When roadmaps and priorities are constantly changing, how do you take control and lead a product launch from a marketing perspective? Is that the role of product marketing or does that leadership come from product management -- or someone else?
There is a lack of alignment at my company and our teams act in silos. Consequently, my roadmap and goals seem to change on a weekly if not bi-weekly basis because marketing keeps getting pulled in different directions. There needs to be some sort of roadmap and role that aligns sales with product, but I'm not sure if that should come from product marketing or not. I want to initiate this conversation, but I don't know if it's overstepping my role or not. Advice here?
With respect to mergers and acquisitions, what are the steps and priorities you take to integrate the newly acquired product into your overall product marketing strategy?