Polomi Batra

AMA: Zendesk Director of Product Marketing, Polomi Batra on Product Marketing Career Path

August 20 @ 10:00AM PST
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Zendesk Director of Product Marketing, Polomi Batra on Product Marketing Career Path
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Top Questions
What does the first day as a product marketing manager look like?
what should i do and what should be expected
What Pros/Cons Exist for Industry-Specific PMM Career Path?
I'm researching the pros/cons of taking an industry solution focused career path in PMM (e.g. PMM specifically focusing on Banking/Financial Services, Insurance vertical;) Curious to hear opinions about this career path, progression, and opportunities. What are some of the shifts you've noticed in the PMM-world for career paths. For example, PLG and hybrid motion seems to be the latest career trends. I can see how specializing in a specific vertical provides some exclusivity and depth of knowledge that can be hard to come by (and potentially in high demand?). I can also see how the specialization would be an easy cut in an acquisition or if a company is struggling financially. Obviously, we do what we can to prove the value of our contributions and protect against this potential. Any thoughts or opinions? Also would love any suggestions for PMMs to research further who may have gone down this path.
How do you think about balancing your time between meetings, emails, and work that needs to be done with relationship building and even trying to ensure you still have personal time?
As a hiring manager, what are you looking for in a product marketing manager?
How do you balance the research, content, and GTM needs?
How do I get into a US company from India as a PMM? What are the major skill based requirements?
I have been working as a product marketing manager for the past few months and I feel the PMM role in India is not in a mature state and honestly am extremely exhausted of that immature job role. I am doing A to Z but not able to take ownership on the revenue part as much as I want to or even in the strategic part. I feel US is a more mature market in this aspect that's why I wanted to know. Thanks!
What is an effective way to position myself with a background in brand-side insights, PMM for 3.5 years? Proving harder than I'd thought.
How would you advise a recent university graduate to break into product marketing?
I am a Psychology student about to graduate in a few months, and am looking for insight into how I can grow skills relevant to product marketing and look for experience.
What is the career path for a Marketing Manager with 5 years of experience transitioning into Product Marketing? What skill sets are required, and what trusted resources can aid in this transition? Additionally, will my marketing experience be considered, or will I be treated as a fresher?
How do we develop our portfolio and from where do we develop the case studies for them.