Lauren Hakim

AMA: Zendesk Group Product Marketing Manager, Lauren Hakim on Product Launches

July 17 @ 10:00AM PST
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Zendesk Group Product Marketing Manager, Lauren Hakim on Product Launches
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Top Questions
What defines a successful product launch to you?
I'm planning to launch a new product at a large event soon and am in the process of creating a 'Product bible' for everyone who will be on the floor talking about the product. Do you have any examples of things you would include aside from the obvious (pricing, target customer, key benefits, use cases etc)?
Can you provide perspective on best practices for products launching from smaller organizations where they are the small fish in a big pond?
Would a product launch that is added new features be considered at the late stage of the product growth cycle?
What tactics help you get potential clients to attend your product launch events?
What is the brand's involvement in a new product launch by (product by acquisition) and what's product marketing's?
What were the biggest mistakes you made in managing post-launch momentum, and what key lessons did you learn from them?
Do you tier features in product launches? If so, how do you determine the tier for each feature and what's the difference between each?
Do you ever delay a feature or product "launch" after it's already been released by engineering?
Curious if you group features together to create a cohesive theme, or if they are generally "launched" when they are released.
How do you evaluate your launch messaging when launching into a crowded market?
If you have a multi-pronged value prop
How do you measure the success of a product launch, and what key performance indicators (KPIs) do you track?
How do you roll reporting this up to the leadership team?
What key metrics do you track to measure post-launch success beyond just vanity numbers like downloads or sign-ups?
How do you create your product launch strategy?
How do you tier product launches across minor and major product updates?
How important is market research in a product launch, and what methods do you find most effective?
Can you share an example where market research significantly influenced your launch strategy?
Is summer (July/Aug) a viable time period for doing a product launch in B2B SaaS?
I have typically avoided July/August for important launches. We aren't targeting federal gov't where late Sept/Oct 1 budgets may be an opportunity. Has anyone has done an effective launch mid-summer? I am considering a soft launch to customers only with a more public push in the fall. Thoughts?
What Product Brief Template have you found helpful for the Product team to fill out for the PMM?
It should include details for an upcoming product launch or upgrade. · Feature Description: A detailed explanation of the new feature or update. · Customer Impact: Information on how the new feature benefits the customer. · Problem Solved: Details on the specific problem or need the feature addresses. · Value Proposition: The key reasons why the feature is valuable to the customer. · Use Cases: Examples of scenarios where the feature can be used. · Competitive Advantage: How this feature positions the product against competitors. · FAQs: Common questions and answers about the feature. · Launch Plan: Timeline and steps for rolling out the update.