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AMA: Zynga Former Director of Product Marketing, Sangita Sarkar on Influencing the Product Roadmap
November 12 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Sangita Sarkar, Vice President, Marketing at Level Ex
Top Questions
What research goes into informing Product what they should be delivering and what is the tangible output of that research?
Vice President, Marketing at Level Ex
There is a vast breadth of research that can inform Product decisions. Being at a larger company affords me the opportunity to take advantage of our highly skilled Consumer Insights team and methodologies. Working with a 10-year old brand like Words With Friends, immediately signaled to me a nec...more
How can PMMs get involved in the early stages of Product development, and how much influence should a marketing strategy have on the overall vision for a product?
Vice President, Marketing at Level Ex
As a representative of the consumer voice and market demand, PMMs' involvement in product development from the early stages is critical to success. More specifically, Product Marketers can make themselves an invaluable stakeholder to the process by 1. Conducting and synthesizing early market res...more
Who should lead the creation of Customer Advisory Board? PMM with PM and CS or PM and CS with the advisory of PMM?
Vice President, Marketing at Level Ex
Every organization will structure this differently. I've seen most success when PM and CS take the lead with the advisory of the PMM. Due to the sheer technical aspects of most issues, the majority of issues can be quickly addressed and foreseen with PMs taking the lead; however, it is critical f...more
What are some ways product marketing can prove their value to product management?
Vice President, Marketing at Level Ex
Analytics, Attribution and Awareness (of the consumer) Analytics Product Managers are constantly looking at key metrics and data to inform roadmap and resource allocation decisions. To speak the quantitative language, I recommend creating and referencing a marketing dashboard to track not only...more
How do you get product management to bring you into initial design process?
Vice President, Marketing at Level Ex
Establish trust. Throughout my career in gaming, I have seen silos of functions where product doesn't communicate with marketing or design doesn't communicate with engineering- leading to fragmented consumer experiences. The way to break past territorial boundaries between marketing and des...more
How does your product marketing team usually work with your product team?
Vice President, Marketing at Level Ex
Very closely! We sit together, work together, debate together and ultimately take shared ownership and accountability over each strategy. As Director, I am a stakeholder in the roadmap meeting to discuss prioritization of key feature development based on my perspective of the consumer needs. Ea...more