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Justin Trana

Justin Trana

Databricks Senior Director Sales Execution

AMA: Databricks Senior Director Sales Execution, Justin Trana
on Revenue Strategy Execution

August 29 @ 10:00AM PST
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Databricks Senior Director Sales Execution, Justin Trana on Revenue Strategy Execution
Top Questions
How do I get my marketing leader on board if automation is key to my strategy?
My marketing leader was on board with my strategy and helped me craft it but now that I have started creating process flows in the MAP they are saying they want to own any process changes and decide when they will be implemented.
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How do I decide which tactical piece to implement first in our strategy for revenue engine?
I have developed our first company strategy for our revenue engine and I have buy-in at the exec level.
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How do I ensure that the revenue dashboard is accurate and updated in a timely manner?
I am working on our first revenue dashboard and I want it to be as accurate as possible. I am building it in Salesforce and using the opportunity stages as percentage indicators towards closed won. This is a new process and I am finding that the sales team is not updating the stages in a timely manner which is impacting the dashboard.
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What are the long-term metrics that you prioritize reviewing in running your organization?
I believe organizations that I have been a part of spend too much time prioritizing short-term metrics (pipeline, forecast, YoY growth, etc.), and I notice this is especially true when creating deep partnerships with Sales leadership. What do you look at to determine the future health of your organization (ex: new logo wins, # of partner wins and contribution, growth in pull-through services)? How do you balance focus on short and long-term health?
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What are some ways I can leverage partnerships and community sponsorships without a huge budget?
I made a short list of communities and micro influencers that I planned to explore but I just got word that the budget has been drastically cut.
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