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Katie Harkins

Katie Harkins

UserTesting VP of Sales

AMA: UserTesting VP of Sales, Katie Harkins
on Scaling a Sales Team

October 3 @ 10:00AM PST
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UserTesting VP of Sales, Katie Harkins on Scaling a Sales Team
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Top Questions
If your sales team has only one or two people responsible for covering multiple products with complex features, how would you recommend dividing the workload in the short-term so as best to support long-term growth and expansion of the team?
How do you communicate sales updates and activities to the rest of the company?
What does your sales team org structure look like?
What's your framework to prioritizing needs/deliverables when you're the first sales leader at a company establishing the function?
How does "the way you motivate" your sales org change as your company scale?
What are the key processes you'd set up when expanding the sales team from 1 to multiple people?
How do you think about shared KPI’s with your demand generation? And what are ones that sales teams often miss?
Do you have any advice for a junior who is a first sales hire?
What's the most effective way to scale a sales team beyond the first few reps?
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