Martin Raygoza

AMA: Google Marketing Head for YouTube & Android Spanish LATAM, Martin Raygoza on Product Marketing Career Path

April 30 @ 10:00AM PST
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Google Marketing Head for YouTube & Android Spanish LATAM, Martin Raygoza on Product Marketing Career Path
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Top Questions
What are the 3 skills you use most often in your role as a product marketer?
In a large company, how can you ensure you are making an impact in your role as a product marketer?
What are common struggles of product marketing managers?
How do you define success leading PMMs? What are the KPIs you track?
If you were to hire a PMM today, what skills and attributes would you value most in a candidate?
How critical is a cover letter and/or portfolio when applying to new PMM roles?
What tools are invaluable for those new to product marketing to have familiarity/experience with?
What's the best piece of career advice you received?
What separates a good PMM from a great PMM?
I'm an individual contributor at the manager level, and I'm looking to see how I can eventually get promoted to the next level!
What framework do you use when assessing a new opportunity at a different company?
Some criteria I've used in the past: what problems have I solved that I'm good at and what do I want to solve next, the team makeup, where the role sits in the organization, company culture, and where the product fits in the market
What are some tips for getting into the product marketing field?
How have you set yourself up for promotion at a company?
This is in relation to not moving companies for a promotion it’s about how to get promoted at the existing company you are at. Also would love any insights to how establish the organization was in marketing as it relates to promote-ability.
What are some good resources to practice for PMM interview questions and case studies?
What are the specific skillsets to break into a Head of PMM role? How to actively develop them while also taking care of operational, everyday tasks as a senior PMM in a relatively small team?
How should a marketing generalist who has over 8 years of experience but doesn't have tech background pivot into Product Marketing?
How can someone who does not have 'Product Marketing' in their job title, stand out during the hiring process if they have the skills to be successful in the role?
How does one obtain the opportunity to live in another country while still learning the language? Do you have experience in this from a marketing and native Spanish speaker perspective?