Vishal Naik

AMA: Google Product Marketing Lead, Vishal Naik on Product Launches

May 22 @ 10:00AM PST
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Google Product Marketing Lead, Vishal Naik on Product Launches
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Top Questions
What's the most effective way you've found to introduce/launch new features within the product UI?
What are some unique external (customer facing) activities you include for promoting a new product?
When you look at the best launches that you have done, what did you get right that made them so successful?
How do you increase the Product Marketing function's ability to be a more strategic player in the company and not just the launch arm of the feature factory?
Marketing invariably gets the blame if the product launch doesn't hit prescribed revenue targets. How should we in product marketing set our launch revenue targets and validate our sales team's forecasts?
What are the key things to consider post-launch? What standard metrics are important to track to measure success and what teams (and at what cadence) are important to connect with post-launch?
What is your process for developing buyer personas for a new product launch?
How do you think about bundling or 'holding' launches for a regular launch cadence vs releasing when ready?
What approaches have you tried, and did they work? How did you get buy in from the product team?
Is there a template you follow for Product launch vs Feature launch? Also for existing and new markets.
What is the best way to choose/prioritize channels for a product launch?
How do you measure success when launching a second product? Are you focused on current customer adoption or new customer adoption?
How different is a product launch for an acquired product vs built in-house?
How does product readiness affect launch success?
How do you partner with the various marketing teams to ensure a successful product launch?
How do you manage product launches when there is a % rollout (i.e. rolling it out to 5%, 10%, 25%, etc.)?
What tactics do you use to effectively incorporate new, creative aspects into product launches that can so easily become routine and mundane?
In the SaaS world especially, I feel like it's easy for PMMs to fall into the pattern of checking off the "traditional" product launch activity boxes. This may be because of limited bandwidth and resources or restricted budget, which can ultimately keep PMMs doing the same things that have previously worked. For me, this has often stunted my creative aspirations, and led me to feel more like a project manager than a standout Product Marketer.
Can you share about a time when a product launch didn't go as expected, and what you learned from it that still influences your product launches today?
What's a good process for managing multiple launches in conjunction with an industry event with a small team (2 people)?
What's the 'do not miss' piece of advice to give for PMM's for product launches?
What creative ideas have you come up with for product launches that are terrible and/or really dull?