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Martin Raygoza

Martin Raygoza

Google Marketing Head for YouTube Shorts Mexico & Spanish LATAM

AMA: Marketing Head for YouTube Shorts Mexico & Spanish LATAM, Martin Raygoza
on Product Launches

September 28 @ 10:00AM PST
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Marketing Head for YouTube Shorts Mexico & Spanish LATAM, Martin Raygoza on Product Launches
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Top Questions
How do you build product marketing for a company that doesn’t understand the function?
What have been your biggest learnings on scaling a business globally?
When building a team, how would you ideally split responsibilities? By product line? By PMM function (CI, enablement, GTM, etc)?
How do you create and reenforce a culture for you product marketing team as you scale it and what does yours look like?
What does your product marketing team org structure look like?
Do you simply have Product Marketers by product/portfolio? Do you have a release communications manager? Someone in sales enablement? What other roles exist in your product marketing teams today?
What is your favorite product marketing interview question and the best answer you've heard?
What are the key strategies to start with if I am the first Product Marketing Manager in a rapidly scaling-up business?
What are the key things (traits, skills, experience) you prioritize / look for when hiring? How can we best assess during the interview process? Are there any specific questions you like to ask or things to look out for?
What are some unexpected challenges when it comes to influencing and creating a product marketing strategy with a global team?
If your product marketing team is only or two people responsible for covering multiple products with complex features, how would you recommend dividing the workload in the short-term so as best to support long-term growth and expansion of the team?
(context: small company, still establishing product marketing function, no senior marketing leader to guide, lots of room to carve own path, looking for best ways to support success!)
As a hiring manager, what do the best product marketing candidates have in common?
How do you break up responsibilities when you're the first and only PMM and now you are hiring a new PMM to work under you? In a fast growing SAAS startup?
When building a new PMM organization, what are the most important things to focus on when getting started?
What's the most effective way to scale a Product Marketing team beyond the first Product Marketing Manager?
What has worked well (or has not worked) as far as positioning your product marketing team within a larger marketing org?
Do you have any advice for those starting out in product marketing? Are there certain things you wish you knew before going into the field?
Advice and foresight
We are growing our product marketing team, and I'm wondering how to structure the roles and work for a team of three.
i want to know who i need to hire to start my product marketing team. We are starting with product insights, product launches and sales enablement