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AMA: Microsoft Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft 365 Security, Raman Kalyan on Influencing the Product Roadmap
December 01 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Raman Kalyan, Director Product Marketing at Microsoft
Top Questions
How do you hold the product team accountable for delivering on the product roadmap?
Director Product Marketing at Microsoft
We focus on specfic moments where we make product annoucements to maximize our PR/AR/customer awareness reach. We share the timelines with the product teams typically 6 months in advance and then work closely with them to both ensure we are staying on track as well as know how to effectively mark...more
How do you change the culture of your company so that product marketers have more of a voice to influence the product roadmap?
Director Product Marketing at Microsoft
We have established a process whereby we partner closely with engineering to condut both qualitative and quantiative market research on areas where we believe there may be an opportunity for growth/or closure of gaps. Partnering closely allows us to leverage the results to both influnce the roadm...more
What, ideally, should product marketing's role be in developing the roadmap for a SaaS company?
Director Product Marketing at Microsoft
A successful product roadmap is one that is developed in partnership between engineering and product marketing. This allows you to both identify the trends/opportunities that will help you to grow your business and an understanding of how to speak to the value once it is delivered. Product market...more
Can you share advice for the first product marketer at a company for influencing the product roadmap?
Director Product Marketing at Microsoft
Focus on developing strong relationships with engineering and bringing a point of view to the table that is based upon data and insights that you gather from both first party and second party research, customer/partner/sales conversations and analyst engagements. You should be the voice of the cu...more
How does your company define the difference between Marketing and Product Marketing teams? How do the responsibilities differ?
Director Product Marketing at Microsoft
We have different types of product marketing teams: 1. Core product marketing - responsibile for working closely with engineering on influencing the product roadmap and developing the value proposition with associated assets to drive awarness, consideration and adoption of our solut...more
How does your team establish and standardize researching audience/segment needs? How do you then leverage your findings systematically to influence the product roadmap?
Director Product Marketing at Microsoft
We establish multiple listening channels ranging from our field to direct customer conversations to engagements with analysts. The insights we receive from these channels allow us to then identify the general areas of opportunity which we then partner with engineering on researching further throu...more