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AMA: Salesforce Director Product Marketing (Heroku), Srini Nirmalgandhi on Developer Product Marketing
April 20 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Srini Nirmalgandhi, Director Product Marketing at Salesforce
Top Questions
What are the keys to getting started with a developer marketing program?
Director Product Marketing at Salesforce
Key elements to building a developer marketing program are – relevant jargon-free content, a good understanding of target persona, segment developers based on business context, hands-on trial with access to expert support, medium for interaction i.e. communities, the ability for the audience to c...more
How does sales enablement change when your company is b2d (business to developer) vs traditional enterprise?
What should I do differently? Developers do not want to be sold to.
Director Product Marketing at Salesforce
This is a classical problem for many developer-first companies. Without mentioning names, many have successfully figured out the working model with both strong developer engagement alongside a thriving enterprise revenue stream. Learning from these companies, they always focus on the developer su...more
What does a developer product marketing manager need to be exceptional at compared to product marketing manager?
Director Product Marketing at Salesforce
If you are targeting developer mindshare and attention, be ready to discuss your product in a detail-oriented, transparency-driven way and explain the business value for their situation. So naturally, for being successful in developer product marketing one has to put the product first when talkin...more
How do I measure the effectiveness of my developer marketing campaigns?
Director Product Marketing at Salesforce
To keep it simple, it’s important to have metric-based goals and channels to reach your target audience i.e. developers. The goals of these campaigns could be awareness, trial signups, sales lead, adoption, contribute to your open source project, or a combination of the above, etc. Content has so...more
B2B Pricing question: In your role working as PM & GTM or working with PE/VC/pricing consulting firms on company valuation & market assessment, Whats your go-to resource with frameworks & examples to conduct B2B pricing power assessment for a product?
Director Product Marketing at Salesforce
Pricing is hard, especially when the product price has to extract the maximum customer willingness to pay and still leaves some customer value. There is plenty of resources on the web you can find and I don’t want to recommend anything here. From my experience, here are a few things that will be ...more
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