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Alison Murdock

Founder & Chief Marketer, Trusted CMO
Alison Murdock
Founder & Chief Marketer, Trusted CMO
Trusted CMO works with startups and growth-stage companies to offer an extensive breadth of marketing resources and experience to make a rapid impact on their businesses.

Video: The Essential Go-To-Market: Tips and Strategies with Alison Murdock

Welcome to The Essential Go-To-Market: tips and strategies, where we host short video interviews with leading Executives in Marketing and Product Marketing about the go-to-market process. In this episode, Product Marketing Executive and Advisor, Yasmeen interviews Alison Murdock, the Founder & Chief Marketer of Trusted CMO, which helps early-stage startups create go-to-market plans that help them grow, scale, and thrive. She has served as the CMO at SocialChorus, Verto Analytics, and 6sense. ...more
Added January 28, 2020

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Founder & Chief Marketer
Trusted CMO
Founder & Chief Marketer at Trusted CMO -
With messaging, simpler is better. Messaging should be crisp and devoid of jargon. There are three resources I use, and the resource would depend on the project, e.g. company messaging vs. product messaging:  * Mother story: write a 3-4 narrative about your company. What is the change that i...more