Marlein Karina Anaya García

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Product Marketing Leader, OCCMundial
Marlein Karina Anaya García
Product Marketing Leader, OCCMundialDecember 19

Since Prodduct Marketing is in charge of messaging (internal / and guidance for external) has a really good value with Product Management for translating the usability, functionality and benefits of any product. Product Manager should be more focus on release products, and Product Marketing focus on translate that products into the correct message (how it works? or how that product should be used?). 


Btw Product Marketing should understand users/consumers needs for transmitting them to Product Managers and the products can be improved or develop new ones.

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Product Marketing Leader at OCCMundial
Lives In Querétaro, Mexico
Knows About Influencing the Product Roadmap, Product Marketing 30/60/90 Day Plan, Stakeholder Man...more