Robin Pam
Product Marketing Lead at Stripe

Become an expert in a data set that's close to revenue. Knowing as much as you can about how market interest turns into revenue (i.e. your entire marketing & sales funnel) is the easiest way to make yourself indispensible to both product and company strategy. 

When you know more than anyone else in the company about how leads turn into pipeline turn into closed business for your product line or area of ownership, product will start to seek you out for your insights. 

Also, be a good editor. They will inevitably write a blog post or PRD or some kind of document that requires some critical feedback. Get good at editing and being a thought partner on external facing materials. 

Steve Feyer
Product Marketing Director at
I say: "You don't have to deal with the sales people anymore. Just send them to me." Tears in their eyes... [There is a 300 character minimum, but my answer was already complete so I'll fill this out with haiku. Sales guy got too drunk Who can save our key meeting? Product marketing Si...more
Laura Jones
Head of Marketing at Instacart
As you establish a relationship with your Product Manager, it is important to align on expectations. You should understand their needs and pain points and share with them your vision for how PMM can add value to the team. From there, it is often helpful to draft a set of goals that reflect the ou...more
Jeff Beckham
Sr. Director and Head of Product Marketing at Gem
It’s a good question, but also a loaded one! Product management needs to prove their value to the company too, right? The dynamic you’re describing is common though, unfortunately. I’ve lived it many times. The best working relationship comes when both sides have shared goals. If that’s not rea...more
Natalie Louie
Head of Marketing at MobileCoin
Remind them that in your title 'product' is first, you are a Product Marketer. You see yourself as part of their org and are an active participant in all their meetings. You are team members who always need to be aligned. Initially you rely on them for KT (knowledge transfer) of the product roadm...more
Xuefei ZHANG
Product marketer at WIZZCAD
Product Marketing Manager is kind of the role project management for marketing & internal communications.   the PM & PMM are the two core role of product-market/customer bi-directionel communication.  As PM, the direction is more of external(market/customer) to internal - to study the market ne...more
Sangita Sarkar
Head Of Marketing at Immutable
Analytics, Attribution and Awareness (of the consumer) Analytics Product Managers are constantly looking at key metrics and data to inform roadmap and resource allocation decisions. To speak the quantitative language, I recommend creating and referencing a marketing dashboard to track not only...more
Felix Huang
Senior User Acquisition Manager at Hopper | Formerly Skillz, Telus Health,
One of the best ways Product Marketers can provide value is through market and consumer insights. Often times Product Management teams are laser-focused on understanding existing customers and developing features to meet their specific needs. Product Marketers can provide perspective on the broad...more
Dave Daniels
Founder at BrainKraft
In a word - results. Your product managers should have a goal defined for the product you're supporting. It may not be the most realistic goal, but there should be a goal you can anchor to. Take that goal and break it down into bite size pieces. Think about what it's going to take to get a buyer ...more
Dan Laufer
CEO at PipeDreams Ventures
I think a good PMM should take the stance that "I'm going to know everything about the product, competitive landscape and our customers." If you do that well there are several ways to prove value to PMs, for example:  1. Provide competitive insights/positioning they may be missing.  2. Share a ...more
Marlein Karina Anaya García
Product Marketing Leader at OCCMundial
Since Prodduct Marketing is in charge of messaging (internal / and guidance for external) has a really good value with Product Management for translating the usability, functionality and benefits of any product. Product Manager should be more focus on release products, and Product Marketing focus...more