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Sandhya Hegde

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General Partner, Unusual Ventures
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Sandhya Hegde
General Partner at Unusual Ventures January 22

Definitely echo the fact that Product marketing KPIs need to keep evolving with the focus that the organization currently has. 

When I was at Amplitude, we came up with some strong *impact* metrics that the PMM function owns. Each metric is shared with a different team in the org:

  •  Product Launches: # of deals closed where we had atleast 1 newly launched product add ons/packages purchased by customers. Our stretch goal for Q1 this year is 50% of all deals. Sidenote: this is a shared metric with the Product team and incentivizes them to work very closely with PMMs
  •  Thought Leadership: # of opportunities influenced by original (often gated) content from the Product Marketing team. Shared metric with Marketing
  •  Enablement: ACV and Win Rate - this is shared with the Sales & team and is a longer term, strategic metric. But in the near term, we track strategic deals with specific account-based interventions that the PMM function is making and their win rate 

Would love to hear reactions to our frameworks from PMMs out there!

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