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Wayne Cerullo

Wayne Cerullo

Chief Buyer Advocate, B2P Partners
I equip PMMs with powerful prospect insights that give them a competitive advantage. Buyer journeys for the entire B2B buying team. Independent win-loss that unveils real business-winning opportunities. GTM strategies built on understanding how an......more


Wayne Cerullo
Wayne Cerullo
B2P Partners Chief Buyer AdvocateMarch 15
Great question - great answers. Dave Kong started us with a super framework. As you know, this is not a trivial issue so I would like to add a POV to these answers. (Full disclosure: I am sharing what I have seen as head of a B2B buyer strategy firm. I am so passionate about this, we created an o......Read More
Wayne Cerullo
Wayne Cerullo
B2P Partners Chief Buyer AdvocateFebruary 22
You might check out Three points I know - they are focused on this (obviously), it includes team training (it's not just a piece of content!), and they integrate with so your SDR / AE / etc. has the targeted content they need in front of them every day. I'd be interes......Read More
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