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Suhas Manangi
Group Product Manager, AirbnbJune 6

Product School, Try Exponent, and Product Allinace are good resources for PM interviews prep. 

Later is a good question. Interesting idea. I don't know of any, but it so interesting that someone should be offering it. Perhaps they might have rolled into certification or cohort courses with live projects!

Deepak Mukunthu
Senior Director of Product, AI/ML Platform, DocuSignJune 26

Assuming you are specifically interested in AI product management, I would suggest these approaches to get started with ML. While I was new to ML/AI, these approaches helped me.

1. Online courses

2. Part-time certifications

3. Conferences

4. Kaggle

5. Publish your work

6. Internship/Volunteering

I covered this in my session on AI/ML Product Management:

If you are looking for guidance on general product management, let me know. There is a lot of material online and I can point you to.