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2 Answers
Deepak Mukunthu
Deepak Mukunthu
Salesforce Senior Director of Product, Einstein AIFebruary 22
The ideal product manager-to-engineer ratio can vary depending on the nature and complexity of the products being developed, the size and stage of the organization, and other factors such as the development process, company culture, and resources available. However, a common rule of thumb is to a......Read More
Omar Eduardo Fernández
Omar Eduardo Fernández
GitLab Director of Product Management, FulfillmentMay 5
I'll share a few examples from my career that I've seen, with some context. In the end, PMs don't just do one thing, so their bandwidth will vary based on what the team needs from them and what support they have. 1. As a new PM at a ~200 people startup, I started by working with 3 engineers. ......Read More