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Devika Nair
Director of Product, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, OracleJuly 19

If you mean technical product manager vs product manager, that depends on your technical expertise and interest towards technical products.

If you mean program vs product, I don't have program manager experience. I'm only basing my response on my observations. I would say a PM cares more about ensuring the right product is being built while a program manager cares more about the execution and timelines. There are lot of other aspects (customer focus vs ability to stay organization and identify risks) but there are plenty of experts who have written about the differences between these roles, so won't go into all of them.

Navin Ganeshan
Head of Driver Products, Amazon Relay, AmazonMay 30

To be clear, I don't believe a technical-PM is always a better PM. It comes down to what attributes, passion and curiosity you posess and the direction you want to go. A good technical PM is strongly curious about technology and how it's used to solve the problem. They think of the problem, as well as the soluton, in terms of technology. They are better able to understand abstractions of technology - tech stack, componentization, APIs - etc in the context of product development. Other non-technical PMs may similarly be more focused and passionate about product economics, pricing and positioning and how it manifests to the customer. It doesn't make them any less capable. 

If you're contemplating whether being a techncial PM is right for you, ask yourself what drives your curiosity, how you think about problems and solutions and what you're passionate about.