Lindsay (Saran) Gatta

AMA: Bumble Head of Product Marketing, Bumble For Friends, Lindsay (Saran) Gatta on Messaging

July 16 @ 10:00AM PST
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Bumble Head of Product Marketing, Bumble For Friends, Lindsay (Saran) Gatta on Messaging
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Top Questions
What are the best practices that you have employed to create a closed-loop product messaging?
Messaging that is not just in one silo of the org. but goes through demand gen. campaigns and ISR/SDR pitches. Gather feedback from MQL, SQL's and pipeline generated from that messaging and finally use those insights to appropriately tweak the messaging.
How have you effectively leveraged AI tools to create messaging?
What is your strategy to crafting messaging around features that your competitors already have?
How do we avoid using the cliches in your messaging like seamless, best-in-class, #1 industry leader etc?
What are the best ways to quantitatively test your messaging?
Can you share the messaging framework that you use?
Would love frameworks to share.
How often do you re-iterate on messaging and why do you do it at this interval?
What is your strategy for messaging a product that is very early in its lifecycle but is a differentiator for the company?
The promise of it is alluring but actual applications and the back end infrastructure is not ironed out yet.
How do you manage the sign off process for specific positioning and messaging for a campaign, use case or feature launch?
How important is to identify the impact of your messaging?
When you're messaging for a product that doesn't fit into a category, is it better to utilize messaging that alludes to products they're familiar with to make it easier to digest or to be bold and describe it as something new?
How do you deal with big and conflicting opinions from key stakeholders on your messaging?
We often hear that messaging should be differentiating. How can that be achieved?
What steps do you take to ensure your messaging is clearly communicating the value prop?
How do you go beyond basic messaging to create messaging that converts and wins?
How do you approach messaging for a technical audience vs for a non-technical audience?
Can you share examples of successful messaging that has effectively communicated the unique benefits of your product?
How do i use multiple customer quotes and case study stats to create a 2 pager sales enablement asset?
Im not sure how i can structure this document, but i have (numbers) on how our product benefited the customer and why they chose us over a competitor and multiple quotes from different customers. What is the best way to tell a story?
How do you validate messaging after the product has been launched?
How do you develop competitive messaging when your product doesn't bring competitive features to market?
What is the biggest mistake product marketers make when revising existing messaging?
What is your largest challenge when faced with globalization and localization for messaging, and how do you accomplish it - get it done?
Considering different buyer personas, how do you choose the right delivery channels to ensure clear, targeted messaging while avoiding overcomplication or message inconsistency?
In marketing and sales, it's important to tailor messaging to resonate with different customer segments. This often involves using a variety of communication channels, but it's crucial to find the right balance. Using too many channels can be overwhelming for customers, while too few might limit your reach or dilute the message.
What's an example of how you've used user research to update messaging?
Are there any messaging books that changed your life?