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Taking a Stand: Point of View Marketing
Taking a Stand: Point of View Marketing
Hosted by Peep Laja
Hosted by Peep Laja, Founder of CXL and CEO of Wynter, this series will cover how B2B tech companies like Gong, Asana, and Figma are using their point of view to stand out across their various channels and win market share. Tune in each Wednesday to hear how your company can take this new approach to differentiating in the crowded Saas space.
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Peep Laja
Peep Laja
CEO, WynterOctober 11
You measure it through message testing. An effective message resonates with the target buyer, and that's what you want to check: how it lands on the people you're trying to influence. Yes, you can wait for the full go-to-market cycle and eventually get some feedback from the market, or measure conversion rates - but only relying on this makes your feedback loops extremely slow and inefficient. Message testing is a form of qualitative research, hence you don't need large sample sizes. You need to get your page/pitch (whatever the medium) in front of the target buyers and ask them research ...
Video: Adventures in Messaging S02E08: With Peep Laja, Founder at Wynter
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