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2 Answers
Suhas Manangi
Suhas Manangi
Airbnb Group Product ManagerJune 6
Being a good PM helps becoming a good manager of PMs, but is not a sufficient condition. I have seen below 3 as top challenges/opportunities unique to GPMs: 1. Deligating, and trusting your direct report PMs to care about Customers as much as you do, if not more. 2. Providing saftey net fo......Read More
Kie Watanabe
Kie Watanabe
HubSpot Group Product ManagerOctober 13
Going from an IC PM to a manager role was one of the most gratifying transitions in my career. Having been a manager before in a different context prior to becoming a Group Product Manager at HubSpot, I had some prior experience leading teams and operating in an environment with broader scope and......Read More