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2 Answers
Won Choi
Won Choi
Intercom Director Sales OperationsNovember 17
When there are only one or two team members, I would have the team focus on mission-critical projects only. The three main areas would be 1: Sales process & forecasting, 2. Define and measure KPIs, 3. Sales Compensation design. Initially, individuals will cover broader responsibilities but will n......Read More
Saad Farooq
Saad Farooq
DigitalOcean Director of Revenue Operations / Customer CareJanuary 5
With the economic downturn, we can anticipate a ton of teams reducing or limiting headcount this year, which is going to make a lot of the teams panic and try to solve everyone’s concerns with the same level of urgency. This is a recipe for disaster. If you are supporting another function, produc......Read More