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Leonardo Vergani

Latam Marketing Manager,
Leonardo Vergani
Latam Marketing Manager, ActiveCampaign
I'm currently doing an MBA on Technology Management and Marketing at Kellogg (Northwestern University) and looking for PMM opportunities in B2B SaaS at the Bay Area.
Product MarketingFollow Leonardo
Product Marketing is such a cross-functional role - do you feel it is necessary to dip your toe in these other orgs/roles (ex. Demand Gen, Product) to fully comprehend your work and excel?
Latam Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign
As a Product Marketer, you get things done through other people. Also, you won’t have formal authority over most of the people working with you. In this scenario, your ability to connect with and influence people (especially peers) is crucial to succeed in the role. Given this situation, I belie...more
Product LaunchesProduct MarketingFollow Leonardo
A product marketer jobs starts way before the product launch. However, it is difficult situation when the product launch is delayed from eng side. How do we approach the launch plan that was pre-decided? What changes in approaches would you recommend
Latam Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign
I tend to think that product launches are delayed more often than not. Because of that, the expected delays should already be part of your planning. Also, there are a few workarounds you can use to deal with unexpected delays. I will go through both below. 1. Planning (or Before the delay happe...more
People ManagementProduct MarketingMessagingFollow Leonardo
What is the best way you've found to coach a new product marketer on creating messaging?
Latam Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign
I had to coach a few people on messaging on my past role, which pushed me to develop a structured approach to coach inexperienced product marketer on writing compelling messaging. What follows are my go-to three steps to ensure a new employee can differentiate good from bad messaging, learn how ...more
Market ResearchFollow Leonardo
Any insight on how to obtain competitive intelligence on a competitor's product that has very little public-facing marketing around it? I'm about to just call and ask them if they still sell it...
Latam Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign
Although @Mary (Shirley) Sheehan [/profile/mary-shirley] and @Mark Officer [/profile/mark-officer] already posted great answers, I would like to add two other great sources. 1 ) A source of data is reading what their employeers are posting on LinkedIn (through posts, summary or job description...more
Product MarketingMarket ResearchFollow Leonardo
How does one create a "positioning document?"
Latam Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign
Hey, Intercom published a blogpost with their templates for everything related to Product Marketing, including a Positioning template. You can read the blogpost here: Specifically, the positioning template is availab...more