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Natasha Evans
VP, Customer Success at Salesloft January 25
It can seem daunting jumping into a customer-facing role. Where do I start if I don’t have the relationships built yet? How do I make connections to successfully drive business for my company? At the
Ben Terrill
Senior Director, Customer Success at Brex January 18
Firstly, good choice! You have picked a hot career and I only see CS becoming more prominent and important over the next decade. Be curious. Take time to understand your customer’s business - one of
Jesica Chavez
Director customer success at Formant | Formerly Genius Plaza, Blue Ocean Robotics, Robot de Mexico, Plataforma IMarch 14
Listen!! Join every possible meeting, especially with the product team. Meet with sales an marketin, it is important to know and understand what they are selling to your clients and how to align and