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Manil Vasantha
VP Customer Success Engineering & Solution Architecture at Oracle January 17
The best customer success candidates: • Communication skills: The ability to communicate with customers and all stakeholders clearly and effectively. • Customer-centric mindset: The ability to put on
Natasha Evans
VP, Customer Success at Salesloft January 25
Customer Success is different in every organization. Some companies see CS as product experts or an extension of Support. I see Customer Success as Consultants and Change Agents and so I hire for the
Conor Holmes
Director, Customer Success EMEA at Confluent February 23
The best candidates can relate their experience to how they will be successful in the role. They will have thought about scenario-based questions and be ready to describe how they have tackled specifi
Ben Terrill
Senior Director, Customer Success at Brex January 18
I find the best CSMs are: Curious - they want to understand “why”. This translates well with customers as it means they have an innate desire to understand their business. It also means that they are
Mike Bauldree
VP, Customer Success at Zscaler March 10
The intangibles: assertiveness, strong sense of ownership, business acumen, very strong communication at the exec level, soft-sales experience, technical acumen (at a high level),  All of these are
Jesica Chavez
Director customer success at Formant | Formerly Genius Plaza, Blue Ocean Robotics, Robot de Mexico, Plataforma IMarch 23
I love when the candidate is smiling and have friendly energy. That tells me if he/she is making me feel comfortable, it is highly probable that he/she will do the same with the customers. These are