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Kayla Rockwell
Senior Group Manager, Demand Generation, DatabricksAugust 3

Use Data. Data is often the best way to help show people a new path forward. I like to say data democratizes the decision making process. It helps ensure everyone has a seat at the table, not just the loudest or most senior voice in the room. Data alone is not enough. You’ll need to ensure you have carefully planned out the story you want to tell. A succinct well done strategy will have a clear ‘so what’ and will use data to back up the points, culminating in a singular recommendation. You have to bring people along when there is a legacy mindset present, help them see why this new way is better. If you don’t have access to a plethora of data, pull in industry stats and best practices, this can also help when an organization’s data and tracking isn’t exactly where it needs to be.

Erika Barbosa
Head of Growth Marketing, Observable | Formerly Issuu, OpenText, WebrootNovember 26

I believe the best way to overcome a legacy mindset is to approach the situation from the perspective of empathy, facts, and data. Don’t just try to shake things up. Take a very strategic approach and be mindful of your team’s perspective.

When trying to set up the organization for scale, focus on why it should matter for them. Don’t focus on solely why you think it’s important. You need to gain buy-in and to do so you have to reframe for them.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to shift perspective faster when they feel it is their idea. Focus on facts and data balanced with a reframe of scaling the organization which will be beneficial for the entire team.