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Erika Barbosa
Head of Growth Marketing, Observable | Formerly Issuu, OpenText, WebrootNovember 27

I recommend thinking about demand generation as having a toolbox. Depending on the goal, you will select the appropriate tactics. Here is how this impacts the areas outlined in the question:

  • Company's industry: Some tactics are more appropriate for specific industries. This is also dependent on regulations and more sensitive privacy concerns. Where do your customers hang out? Is it somewhere that can be targeted? I recommend viewing this from the perspective of how do you meet your prospective customers where they are?
  • Products/services: This also will impact the mix of tactics you select. Is this a local or SaaS type of product as an example? Are you offering an enterprise solution that may be a request for contact or is it a self-serve PLG model?
  • Organizational goals: This is arguably the most critical element. What outcome are you trying to drive? How will you measure performance? Do you have an experimental budget? If not, you'll need to select tactics that you are more confident about that can drive results.

Lastly, I recommend continuous performance reporting. Respond to the data and adjust accordingly.