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Abhiroop Basu
Group Product Manager at Zendesk

PMs should always lead voice of the customer (VoC) programs

While PMMs need to have their ear close to the ground when it comes to customer feedback, it's ultimately the PM who will use the feedback to make product decisions. Additionally, PMs should never be in a situation where product feedback is "second-hand" or being prioritized by someone who doesn't own the roadmap.

Carrie Zhang
Product Lead (fmr Head of Product Marketing) at Square
Good question. I view product management and product marketing as close partners since we co-own the strategy and business outcome. Cannot say I have best practices, rather some guiding principles of how I would like to see us work together. 1. Involve each other early. I hate the model where the product team does a hard handoff to product marketing only when the product/ feature is ready to launch. PM, PMM, as well as other disciplines like Design, Engineering, and Data Science all bring unique perspectives to problem solving. You are much better off involving each other ...more
Abhiroop Basu
Group Product Manager at Zendesk
Trust is the most important factor in a PM / PMM relationship. When I was a PMM, I worked with many Product Managers who did not understand the role of a PMM. They believed that the PMMs only role was to communicate the launch of a feature. This misconception often stems from the fact that in some teams PMs doesn't see value beyond the feature launch and PMMs do little to dispel the notion.  So, how do PMMs and PMs build trust and work more effectively? 1. PMMs need to clarify their role. This sometimes depends on the leader's ability to communicate their team's functions, however i...more
Joshua Lory
Sr. Director Product Marketing at VMware | Formerly Accenture, United States Air Force
Think of a restaurant with front and back of the house. Back of house is prepping, cooking and organizing the food for front of the house to position, serve and engage the customers. Another way to look at this is front of the house understands what the customers want, thier expecations, reactions and provides feedback to back of the house to prioritze what food is being prepared. This symboitic relationship is anlogous to PMM (front of house), PM (liason between front and back of house) and engineer (back of house). PMM needs to understand the customer persona, market and positioning. PM s...more