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Natalia Baryshnikova
Head of Product, Enterprise Agility at Atlassian February 16
Two ways. First sweet spot is to pick a mid-size startup (round B or C) that is growing. They need folks all the time, and they need folks who can roll up their sleeves and do things. The roles you jo
Rodrigo Davies
Product Management Area Lead at Asana May 17
I transitioned from journalism to product management earlier in my career, and although it’s not a straightforward path, it’s actually pretty common for PMs to join tech from other sectors. An Asana P
Ajay Waghray
Director of Product Management, Consumer Marketplace at Udemy August 25
I think the best way to break into the industry as a PM is to get after building tech products yourself. Personally, I left a well-paying job in the energy sector to work on a start-up with no reliabl
Louisa Henry
Head of Product for Mid-Market Businesses at Gusto April 21
If you’re already working somewhere with a PM org, try to move into it. Getting a role at a new company as a first time PM is difficult. Most hiring managers want to see some product experience before
Anton Kravchenko
Director of Product Management at Carta | Formerly Salesforce, MuleSoft, AppleFebruary 2
There are different paths that each product manager takes, but the common ones I've seen are: 1. Joining a tech company as an Associate PM or an intern straight from college. For college grads, I sugg